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Marc Scibelli

One man’s* mission to make
enterprise software not suck.

* I'm certainly not doing it alone

Marc Scibelli Chief Creative Officer, Infor

Yesterday and today

It’s 1995. I’m 19 years old and I’ve just been hired as a digital design intern at Newsday, which at the time was the sixth largest newspaper in the U.S. On my first day I walk into a room full of drafting tables—all empty. My editor tells me, “You’ve just taken the job of what used to be six paste-up artists.”

As the world became more and more digital, so did I. I went from information graphics to advertising to immersive digital experiences. Now, as the first Chief Creative Officer at Infor and in enterprise software, I lead a team of creatives who are reimagining the possibilities of technology for people at work. Along the way, we’re using design-led thinking to transform Infor’s company culture.

And now we’ve expanded our digital think-tank practice to partner with key customers to strategize, design, assemble and run large-scale digital ecosystems.

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