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Marc Scibelli

One man’s mission to make
enterprise software not suck.

Marc Scibelli Chief Creative Officer, Infor

Yesterday and today

It’s 1995. I’m 19 years old and I’ve just been hired as a digital design intern at Newsday, which at the time was the sixth largest newspaper in the U.S. On my first day I walk into a room full of drafting tables—all empty. My editor tells me, “You’ve just taken the job of what used to be six paste-up artists.”

As the world became more and more digital, so did I. I went from information graphics to advertising to immersive digital experiences. Now, as the first Chief Creative Officer at Infor and in enterprise software, I lead a team of creatives who are reimagining the possibilities of technology for people at work. Along the way, we’re using design-led thinking to transform Infor’s company culture.

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